About us

Dear Visitor,
Our foundation (Help Cats Foundation) was formed in November 2018. Our organisation is mostly known as the Cat Rescuers in Kiskunfélegyháza. For two years before our formation we worked together with Fido Bácsi's Dog Shelter Charitable Foundation to rescue cats. During the past years we have dealt with hundreds of cats realising several successful adoptions.We also deal with trapping cat colonies, sterilization and reinstatement in the town. According to our foundation document our task is the temporary emplacement and care of the cats in need wandering in our town, Kiskunfélegyháza and also to find owners for abandoned cats. We do not have a permanent site yet, we work together with temporary hosts. We rescue cats on voluntary basis besides our work. We finance our bills and the provision of cats from donations from the general public. Help us so that we can help.

Tax number: 19101219-1-03
Bank account number:
OTP BANK 11732071-23255689

IBAN: HU19 1173 2071 2325

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Adószám: 19101219-1-03